Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: RV comes face-to-face with Ishaani’s family!

Meri-Aashiqui-Tum-Se-Hi1Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is getting tense day by day. Don’t you agree? On the plus side we getting to see more of what Ranveer aka Shakti Arora, has to offer. I mean who is he going to take revenge on, or will he let his hand loose and let them off. I can’t easily predict that one.But it is obvious that Ishaani’s household are going to face the turmoil However, we can update you on the synopsis so far, here we go:

Ishani furiously enters her home and informs everybody that she has left her job. Falguni is shocked as she was the earning member in the family. Ishani reveals that RV is none other than Ranveer.

She explains that Ranveer has come to take revenge. First he had bought their house and now the company where she used to work, even that has been bought by him. She tells her mother that he’s doing all these things only to put them down.

Falguni informs that Baa and Disha have gone to RV’s house to get back their ‘thakurji’. Ishani gets scared thinking Baa will now get humiliated at his house.

Meanwhile, Baa and Disha is still waiting to meet the owner of the mansion. Disha gets restless waiting under the sun and asks Baa to leave. Soon, Amba comes and her car splashes a poodle of mud all over Baa. Amba recalls the day when Baa had smeared her face with mud insulting her.

After a while they are summoned in the house. As soon as she is about to face Amba, Ishani and Falguni reach the house. Everybody meet Amba, the owner of their once owned Parekh mansion. Amba makes a tactful speech of their past events and how karma has turned against the Parekh family. She takes her sweet revenge by calling in Disha’s to-be in-laws and they break off the engagement by doubting Disha’s character.

Soon Ranveer comes and he has face-off with Ishani. While Ishani taunts him for stooping so low, Ranveer shrugs off saying he respects money and his time.

But, we are still left in a dilemma. Where will Ranveer take the game of revenge to? Will he miss out Ishaani? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below). Team RV or Team Ishaani?

Credits: PinkVilla



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