Aww! This Is How Much Rupees Salman Khan Gave To A Rickshawala

Salman Khan

Salman Khan has been spending a lot of time at Taj Lands End and Mehboob studios lately, the reason?He’s busy with the interviews and various promotional activities for his upcoming film, Tubelight. Both the venues are just a few minutes away from his home, Galaxy Apartments. So that’s why he ditches his fancy ride and hops on to a rickshaw instead.

Recently, after a couple of interviews, the superstar walked outside the studio and obliged a few onlookers on the road with photos and autographs.  Then he took a ricksha to go home. Naturally, the vehicle’s driver was pleasantly surprised. And he was even more surprised when the actor paid him a lot more than the actual fare. According to DNA, Khan gave the rickshawala a 1000 rupee note for a distance that would probably cost him 50 rupees. #BeingHuman

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