Ranbir Kapoor REACTS To His Father’s Angry Statements About Jagga Jasoos

Rishi & Ranbir Kapoor

After the failure of Jagga Jasoos at the box-office, the film’s lead actor Ranbir Kapoor‘s father Rishi Kapoor had got into a bit of a rant with filmmaker Anurag Basu. The veteran star gave music director Pritam a piece of his mind for his delayed delivery of the film’s music. At the trailer launch of the Sanjay Dutt-starrer Bhoomi, RK was asked about his father’s statements. He stated that he doesn’t agree with his dad’s remarks.

My father is a very emotional man. I think whatever he said was to protect me, from where he was coming. I don’t necessarily agree with what he did or what he said. Like I said, Jagga Jasoos is something that we’ve worked on for three and a half years. We all were aware of what we were doing and what was being made. Sometimes you succeed sometimes you fail. I don’t look at it (Jagga Jasoos) as a failure, I look at it as a learning. I think it has given me a lot, the experience of working with Anurag Basu and everyone on the film. So yes, I can’t answer for someone else, but I don’t necessarily agree with it.”

Ranbir will be seen plating Dutt in his biopic, hence the reason he was at the trailer launch. Thoughts?

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