Foods You Should Eat When Your Battling The Cold After Wedding Season

Now I always tend to battle a cold after wedding season. I’m sure you can relate. I don’t know why but it seems like everything just gets to my body. No it’s not those Gol Gappay. LOL! The tiredness and the ‘not enough sleep’ does get to one while attending these joyous occasions. And all you can do is curl up in bed and make an effort to feed yourself regularly. But one thing I’ve learned is that the right foods heal you faster. And this is what I’m gonna take you though which not only relieve your symptoms but boost your immunity in all the right ways. Here’s my list of the right foods you should be eating when your battling the tiring cold.

Ginger Kahwah

(Source: Shutterstock)

Ginger is your BFF when your battling the cold. You can either chew on a few pieces of ginger but I would recommend that you boil a piece in 1 cup of water (you can add a piece of cinnamon & cardamom) and strain into a mug, adding 1tsp of honey (or you can add a sqeeze of lemon juice) – like seriously it will give you that relief. No joke!


Green Tea

When your ill you really don’t feel like drinking water because it’s just a no no. So I tend to drink green tea to soothe my sore throat. It keeps you hydrated and plus it tastes amazing (not bland as water).


Honey is a remedy that has been used for years. Eating one teaspoon can relieve your annoying cough. It has antiseptic, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects, what more do you want. You can opt to put 1 teaspoon in a cup of warm water if you want.


This is another recipe that has been used by the generations before us. I mean if you’re desi you will know what I’m talking about. It’s been passed from my grandmother to my mother etc. So it’s pretty important. Tumeric aka haldi has powerful medicinal properties such as antioxidants. 1 teaspoon of tumeric mixed into warm milk is proven to relieve your cold/cough symptoms. Try it and let me know if it helped you.

Trying any of these remedies will relieve that cold ❤

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