Rishi Kapoor Is Devastated Seeing The Ruins Of RK Studios In Mumbai

Rishi Kapoor

On September 16th, a huge fire broke out at the iconic RK Studios and caused huge damages. Apart from the set Shilpa Shetty’s Super Dancer 2, there were many costumes and other possessions from various successful films that were shot in the studio were burnt. Rishi Kapoor who was devaststed by the ruins spoke to Mumbai Mirror saying:

There were costumes from every RK film, from Awaara to Chalen. Most of the stuff was kept neatly in trunks and some of it was even labelled. The costumes worn by every RK heroine, from Nargis to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is lost. The jewellery worn by Padmini in Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai was also stored here with a lot of love. There were spears, sabres, artefacts, furniture and other regalia used for the various shoots. The Mera Naam Jokermask and clothes… Dabboo and I couldn’t believe what hit us. This is probably why they say that one should never put all eggs in one basket. But for us, this was our father’s legacy, and it was a treasure trove.”

And now after three days of the incident  he tweeted a heart breaking image of the remains and one can clearly see the damaged iconic RK logo. Have a look:

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